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Professional sports bows and sets for ambitious archers

The new archery season is beginning and you think that you finally have to buy a new sports bow for the next competitions and training? You are right at BSW-Archery: Aside from numerous traditional bows, longbows und horsebows as well as the suitable accessories, we have also specialised in sports- and recurve bows of the most well known manu

Classic sports bows for adults and juveniles

Our special service is the delivery of the sports bow in various different sets, from Sports Set 1 to Sports Set PLUS, in which different accessories like arrows, a sight or an arm guard are delivered directly with the new bow. The Ragim Wildcat as well as the Ragim Matrix are sports bows that can be ordered in a set. Thereby they are part of the high-quality- but also easy to use bows from this category. On top of that, these bows can be disassembled into three parts and because of that, they can be transported easily to tournaments or from the archery range home. Furthermore, the two Ragim bows can also be recommended as youth bows for younger archers: Due to a shorter bow length and lower draw weight, they are suitable for archery-loving juveniles.

Have you chosen a new sports bow for you? Take a look at our extra-services that you can pick freely to your selected products in order to make your order perfect. We offer you for example, to set and secure the nocking point onto the string of the selected bow before it is delivered to you. That way you can start shooting with your new bow immediately.

Recurve sports bows & sets - with a passion for archery

The next archery season is starting and you think you finally need a new sports bow for the upcoming competitions and intensive training? Then BogenSportWelt is the right place for you: in addition to numerous traditional bows, longbows and riding bows as well as the corresponding accessories, we also specialize in recurve sports bows and sets from the best-known manufacturers. You'll shine at the target with these.

Classic recurve sports bows & sets for adults and young people

Our special service is the delivery of sports bows in selectable sets - from Sport Set I to Sport Set PLUS. A wide range of accessories, such as arrows, sights or arm guards, are supplied directly with the new bow. For example, you can get the RAGIM Wildcat or the RAGIM Matrix with your desired accessories without having to order each part individually. Our recurve sports bows are of high quality and are ideal for beginners as they are easy to handle. In addition, many of the bows are also available as small models with a low draw weight - perfect for young archers who have discovered their enthusiasm for archery!

What makes recurve bows different?

Perhaps you are a beginner and are thinking about taking up archery? Maybe you're just curious or looking for a gift for an archery enthusiast? The sheer amount of information can be a little overwhelming at first, but we would like to give you a brief outline of what makes our recurve sport bows different from compound bows.

Main characteristic: the forward-curved limbs

This is where the recurve bow gets its name from. Re-curve is what the upper and lower ends of the bow do - away from the shooter, towards the target. Due to this special characteristic, the string rests on the ends of the limbs so that a recurve bow can absorb more force than a conventional longbow. This forms the classic D, as you may know it from films set in a medieval setting. Longbows generally live up to their name and are often as long as the archer himself. Another advantage of the recurve system is that it reduces the bounce of the string on release.

With both types of bow, i.e. recurve sport bows and longbows, the archer has to hold the entire draw weight when aiming - and this is where the biggest difference to a third model can be found: the compound bow. This is because it has small wheels called cams at each end which, together with the string, absorb part of the draw weight when the bow is drawn.

Even with a compound system, the full draw weight must be applied when the bow is drawn. Once the string is pulled back and the shooter takes aim, he only has to hold back part of this force. How much this is is usually given as a percentage and is called let off. For example: the draw weight is 60 lbs (approx. 27.2 kg), the let off is 75% - this means that the shooter only has to hold 20 lbs (approx. 9 kg) at full draw.

With a recurve sports bow, the shooter holds the entire draw weight of 60 lbs at full draw length, which makes continuous aiming over a longer period of time more difficult. Compound bows are therefore more suitable for hunting. There are tournaments for both types of bow, but the Olympic Games only allow the discipline for recurve bows. Which system you start with as a beginner depends on your ambitions. They both have advantages.

The advantages of recurve sport bows

  • Simplicity: The recurve system is as simple as you can imagine. It is based on the ancient tradition of archery and requires strength, concentration and accuracy. Due to the much simpler construction of recurve sport bows, their handling is uncomplicated and there are significantly fewer parts that are susceptible to defects and dirt.
  • Weight: Despite their length, recurve bows are lighter than compound bows because - as mentioned in the previous point - they require far fewer components. Add-ons such as sights or silencers increase the weight, but at its core the recurve system remains simple and light.
  • Transportability: Most recurve sports bows are take-down models and can be easily dismantled into three parts - the middle section and the upper and lower limbs. This means you can easily store them in your bag and take them with you wherever you go.
  • Changing the string: You can easily do this yourself - thanks to the aforementioned disassembly. Recurve sports bows excel in the area of handling.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining such a bow is also significantly easier and cheaper.
  • Style: Perhaps not quite as important a point, but we would like to mention it anyway. Recurve sport bows look very aesthetically pleasing due to their more traditional and simple shape. Archery with style! Whether they are cooler is again in the eye of the beholder. Hawkeye uses a compound bow, Katniss Everdeen a recurve bow - and the coolest of them all, the Predator bow from Crysis, also uses the compound system. So you're spoiled for choice.

The different recurve bows

In our large main category of recurve bows, you will find a subdivision into various types. In addition to recurve sports bows and sets, we also offer traditional recurve models, longbows and riding bows. The sports variant is characterized by the fact that you can use a lot of accessories with it. They also offer a modern design, ranging from bright colors to military camouflage and elegant black. But you will also find wood looks here. In most cases, recurve sports bows are made of ultra-light carbon.

Shot and hit - with recurve sports bows & sets

Have you decided on your new recurve sports bow? Then take a look at our extra services, which you can add to your chosen products. For example, we offer you the option of pre-attaching the nocking point to the string of your chosen bow before it is sent to you. Our practical sports sets are also the best way to get started straight away - order, unpack, shoot!

Do you have any questions about our products? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you - and hope you enjoy archery!

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