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ELITE - The best ones by DRAKE Archery

Good things can be done even better! - DRAKE Archery agrees to that claim and by the ELITE Series, releases bows, limbs and risers onto the market that are without equals in this price range. High-quality manufacturing, modern materials and appealing looks are combined in order to create exceptionally high-quality recurve- and hybrid bows without neglecting the cost effectiveness.

In order to show trust in their quality, the brand DRAKE Archery grants a warranty of 10 years on all their registered bows from the ELITE Series*. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of DRAKE Archery.

In order to make getting to know the brand even easier, all the DRAKE ELITE bows currently are offered with an introductory price with a whole 25% off. Thereby, the Nightfall can be bought for 224.99 instead of 299.99 euros. Take a look at the Badger, Dust or Pitchblack as well.

*Warranty conditions: When registering the bow we grant the first-time-buyer 10 years of warranty on breakage and delamination. This guarantee includes all customers with registered bows that live within the European Union. The warranty does not include wearing parts and damage caused by flawed use. Guarantees are done by replacing or repairing the bow. The legal warranty rights remain inviolated by the guarantee and count nontheless.

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