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Crossbow Targets

A large selection of target systems

Hardly any other shooting sport has such a large selection of target systems as archery and crossbow shooting. Although the classic target made of straw is still used in archery today, it is mostly replaced by modern and effective accessories. High-quality materials protect the arrows and offer greater comfort and durability.

Buying a target for the crossbow

Anyone who wants to buy a crossbow will sooner or later find themselves in the situation of having to buy a crossbow target. Without a suitable crossbow target, it will otherwise be quite difficult to find a suitable target for your crossbow bolts. Below we would like to show you what you need to look out for before buying a crossbow target.

Which crossbow target to buy?

First and foremost, you should make sure that the crossbow target is designed for the crossbow in question. It is therefore helpful to know the maximum bolt speed that the crossbow can develop. You can then choose the right target based on this information.

For example, if your crossbow develops speeds of 225 fps, you should also buy a crossbow target that is designed for at least the developed power. Of course, targets for crossbows designed for higher speeds can also be used. The maximum load of the target can always be found in the respective product description.

To ensure that you have a suitable surface to aim at, you should also get additional target rests. As the actual target is usually single-colored, you don't have an exact point to aim at. Target rests are special rests made of reinforced paper with various patterns or rings on them that serve as targets. These are attached to the crossbow target with target nails.

What should not be used as a target?

We often hear that some crossbow owners decide to use wooden boards as targets. However, this method is by no means recommended. The stopping effect of wood or other solid materials is too strong and the bolts can be damaged. A crossbow target does not stop the bolt abruptly, but slows it down gradually. This also explains the generous dimensions of the target.

Targets for very powerful crossbows

For very powerful crossbows, we recommend the STRONGHOLD Crossbow Extreme. These crossbow targets have a very strong braking effect. The TARGET TECH Rhino models in particular are very durable thanks to a very special application of the material. The Rhino target does not consist of a solid block, but of many overlapping slats. These are pressed together by a tensioning strap. This ensures that the bolt always lands between the slats, reducing wear on the target.

Modern crossbow targets for crossbow shooting

Due to the particularly high arrow speed that a crossbow develops, particular importance must be attached to the appropriate properties of the target. The STRONGHOLD Crossbow Extreme foam target is one of the models specially designed for crossbow shooting and this system also impresses with its very easy handling. The Field Logic target can simply be placed on the ground and is therefore ready for use as a suitable target for crossbow shooters.

The foam target is also ideal for withstanding high arrow speeds. For such a foam target, you also need a stand and a corresponding target rest, which is attached to the foam target with target nails. You can also find these accessories in the comprehensive product range at The foam target is a relatively inexpensive yet practical solution. The low weight of the system makes it easy to handle

Crossbow targets - modern solutions

Today, manufacturers of high-quality targets and sights use state-of-the-art materials and processing techniques that guarantee a first-class and reliably functioning product. Behind the Target Tech target is a target standing on the ground. It is filled with different layers of foam, which can be easily removed and replaced individually as required. This means you can always keep this product in perfect condition. The Target Tech target can also be used as a target on both sides. This system can be easily dismantled and transported at any time. It is also easy to carry and store in the trunk of your car thanks to its low weight.

Discover crossbow targets now

The aforementioned target systems can withstand even the highest arrow speeds. The arrow cannot penetrate the target, which would otherwise pose a major safety risk. Modern target systems are characterized by longevity and a gentle arrow pick-up. In our online store, we offer you a comprehensive selection of targets for your crossbow.

STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect backstop for crossbow targets

Targets for crossbows are under enormous strain. It doesn't matter which model you ultimately choose. The crossbow bolts put the target to a real test with their energy.

Together with STRONGHOLD, now offers you an inexpensive alternative to further increase the stopping power and service life of your target. The penetration of the bolts is reduced to a minimum. We are talking about the STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstop. This is an inconspicuous mat that is attached to the rear of the actual target. The backstop performs several important tasks there.

Due to the usually intensive load on the middle area of the target, there is correspondingly increased wear on the material. This results in bolts penetrating far, often even as far as the vanes. These can be damaged or even lost.

The use of the STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstop removes a considerable amount of energy from the penetrating bolts in addition to the target and thus counteracts penetration right up to the vanes. On the one hand, a badly damaged target can still be used. On the other hand, intact or new targets can gain additional stopping power by using the STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstop., together with STRONGHOLD and the STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstops, offers you maximum cost savings and additional safety.

Powerful crossbows fire bolts with great force and at higher speeds than bows. For this reason, you need a correspondingly robust target. Targets specially developed for crossbows are recommended here:

For example, a target such as the STRONGHOLD Crossbow Extreme, which consists of four foam targets of 10 cm each, is recommended for powerful crossbows. Bolts are stopped quickly and safely. This reduces the risk of bullet penetration and damage to the bolts. As worn targets can be replaced individually, these targets can hold many shots. They are easy to transport and set up in different positions, but are slightly more expensive than other targets.

The TARGET TECH Rhino lamella targets are also very durable thanks to a very special application of the material. The Rhino target consists of many slats lying on top of each other. These are pressed together by a tensioning strap. This ensures that the bolt always lands between the slats and the target lasts much longer.

Polyester targets such as the STRONGHOLD X-Series also withstand powerful crossbows very well. Bolts are stopped securely and can also be pulled out smoothly. The internal fibers can be easily shaken up again after prolonged firing. Despite their high performance, these targets weigh less than comparable targets and are extremely compact. Their shoulder strap is particularly practical, making them easy to carry and thus also easy to achieve different shooting distances. The X-Series targets are suitable for crossbows with a bolt speed of up to 500 fps and are our price-performance recommendation.

The crossbow is shot at 10 and 30 m. For freestanding competitions at 10 m, the same 6-circle target rests are used as for air rifles. The diameter of the ten on these targets is 0.5 mm. The other rings then follow at a distance of 4.5 mm each.

At 30 m, one half is shot free-standing and the other half is shot with a kneeling position. With these targets, the ten has a diameter of 6 mm and the rings then follow every 6 mm.

The field crossbow is shot exclusively in a free-standing position on targets with a diameter of 60 cm (diameter of the ten: 60 mm), with one third of the competition being shot at distances of 65 m, 50 m and 35 m respectively.

National crossbow shooting traditionally involves shooting at the so-called bird tree. At a height of 29 m, a star with 85x85 mm blades is placed, which count for six points. There is also a target with six rings (width of the rings: 6=20 mm, 5=10 mm, 1 to 4=15 mm). A maximum of 210 points (90 from star shooting, 120 from target shooting) are possible in the combined scoring from star and target shooting.

Crossbow bolts put every target to a real test with their energy. But there is a remedy, because a so-called backstop directly behind the target reduces the risk of penetrating bolts and thus increases the service life of your target AND your bolts.

Particularly in the middle area of the target, there is increased wear due to the intensive load caused by fast bolts. As a result, the pins penetrate very far into the target, sometimes even up to the vanes. This is also not beneficial for the service life of the studs.

The use of a STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect backstop removes a large part of the energy from the penetrating bolts in addition to the target and thus counteracts the deep penetration up to the vanes. This means that new targets can gain additional stopping power from the outset or a target that has already been heavily shot at can continue to be used for a while. This saves costs and increases safety in crossbow sport.

In general, the varied 3D targets are unfortunately not suitable for crossbows. Crossbows have a significantly higher draw strength and penetrating power than bows. Crossbow bolts would easily penetrate a 3D animal or the bolt sits so firmly in the target up to the vanes that you can only remove it again by damaging the bolt or even the target. This is one reason why crossbows are generally not allowed on 3D courses.

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