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The history of the bow manufacturer Beier Distribution, which is still successful today, began in the 1990s. At that time, the current managing director Uwe Beier had the task of optimizing arrowheads as well as wooden shafts for a company.

The resulting success drove him to follow the path taken until then and to optimize even more products in the field of archery. The result was the foundation of the company Bogensport Beier International e.K.

The foundation of Beier Distribution

In 2004 we founded the Beier Distribution, which still exists today. At that time the main focus was on the production of rattan bows, backstop nettings as well as various events, which included bow hunts as well.

In 2007 the product range was expanded once again. Now also English longbows belonged to the assortment of the in-house bow production. Arrows were now also manufactured for wholesalers. In 2008, the BEIER Bow² was added to the product range.

In addition to the production of high-quality bows, sometimes target and arrow stands, as well as store fittings tailored to archery for the dealer were part of it all. Foam-filled larp heads as well as complete larp arrows were also part of the vast selection.

3D animals in in-house production

At that time these larp heads were still produced by a supplier for Beier Distribution. But in order to have a hand on the high quality standards, the production was brought into the own house. Thus, it was obvious to bring the 3D animals, which had been manufactured in Spain until then, to Seßlach as well.

Since 2017, all 3D animals are now foamed in own production and can thus carry the predicate "Made in Germany" without any doubt.

The move

In March 2020, the company's location in Seßlach was abandoned and moved to Untersiemau, 12 kilometers away. The then quite impressive 1,100 m² area in Seßlach has become a bit small for the steadily growing company.

With the move, an area totaling 3,000 m² is now available, which now also offers visitors and archers the opportunity to take various archery courses. This is what distinguishes Beier Distribution today.

The large number of products with the "Made in Germany" label is one of the company's principles. The high demands on quality, the experience in bow making as well as the confidence in the own products are expressed in a 100-year warranty provided by BEIER itself, which is made up of a 30-year warranty and an additional 70-year warranty based on goodwill.

In-house production

In addition, in-house production allows fast and flexible decisions, which not only has a positive effect on production and delivery times. Various customer wishes can also be taken into account and implemented.

Bows, 3D animals and other products from BEIER can thus be manufactured and supplied individually and with the shortest possible delivery times.

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