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Jackalope Archery

Jackalope - So far, most of us have most likely only associated this name with the mythical creature from the USA, which appeared in the shape of a rabbit-buck with conspicuous antlers. But in 2016 there was an event that made many archers on this planet remember the name Jackalope for a very long time and anchor it in their passion for archery. At this point, the horned rabbit-buck not only is an American mythical creature, but rather the characteristic image of a winning streak that has only just begun.

Jackalope Archery - Innovation and quality

With Jackalope Archery, a new and innovative brand is in the spotlight now that takes on the ambitious task to revolutionise the archery market. Based in the heart of Europe, Jackalope has come up with groundbreaking ideas that acquire vogue in the global world of archery.

New details and highest demand for quality have yielded exceptional results to this date, which helped Jackalope Archery gain enormous popularity in record time. Up to now, all of this resulted in a series of well-made longbows, recurve bows, hybrid bows and horsebows as well as accessories and protective equipment suited to the respective model.

Jackalope Archery does not leave anything to chance for you. In order to live up to the high expectations it has set for itself, Jackalope puts all of its trust only in bow manufacturers that convince with their years-long experience as well as highest demands for quality. This way you can be sure that your Jackalope bow as well was handmade with passion and best materials.

How it started

The beginning of Jackalope Archery was bilious green and strikingly salient. The one piece recurve bow Malachite, which is named after a gemstone, paved the way for a winning streak that is without equals.

The bow unites quality and performance and can thereby even compete with high-end bows. On top of that, such quality and performance have never been seen before in this price range. If nothing else, independent archery blogs and magazines as well as our comparisons and tests will confirm this.

As a reaction to the throughout positive feedback on the Malachite recurve bow, many more models followed soon that not only look like them, but were also given the name of several special gemstones.

A very special partnership

One more milestone in the still young history of Jackalope Archery has been achieved with a decisive and impressive cooperation. Shared ambitions and values have united what was supposed to be united. A friendly cooperation between Jackalope Archery and Bodnik Bows, which today still manufacture bows of highest quality, has been born.

No matter if Smoked Amber by Bodnik Bows, Diamond, Jade or Quartz: Jackalope Archery - with BSW as a strong partner at its side -  managed once again to win the hearts of archers and live up accurately to the expectations of a continuously growing fanbase. Jackalope Archery - a growing brand in archery that also knows how to surprise and convince in the future. Be excited about what awaits you - we are as well.

We will be happy to help you

If you want to learn more about the Jackalope brand or you have specific questions about the bows and accessories, we would be glad if you contacted us right away at best. This works best with our hotline (+49 (0) 3971 241 960) or via our support center. Of course our social network team on Facebook or Instagram will also be happy to help you with word and deed. Further information as well as tips and tricks you will find in our FAQ section and on our YouTube channel.

Jackalope Limb System - Welcome to the future

With the Jackalope Limb System, or JLS for short, Jackalope introduces a promising system for take-down bows to the market.

Jackalope Archery is ending the year with a bang: The introduction of the Jackalope Limb System, or JLS, which stands for a new standardized take down system. All JLS risers can be combined with the JLS limbs. Future models will also be compatible.

There are currently four recurve limbs to choose from: a high-performance bamboo core, either laminated with black or clear glass, and with an optional carbon inlay for the JLS Speedvariant. All archer-facing parts of the JLS limbs are covered with the Jackalope BLACK POWER glass, which is also used in our tournament bows from the Bloodstone and Onyx series. The draw weight starts at a beginner-friendly 20lbs. The JLS limbs are currently offered with 24 different risers: With the Flint and Crystal series, Jackalope lets you choose between three stunningly beautiful natural tones or five distinctly attractive and contrasting colors.

The risers are available in three different lengths (17"|19"|21"). his means that you can choose from three different bow lengths: 60"|62"|64". Of course, JACKALOPE did not forget about left-handed archers either. The 96 possible combinations are not all, however, as hybrid limbs are already being developed. In addition, more limb lengths, new riser shapes and colors, different woods and much more is on the way... In short: Jackalope Archery has great plans for the 2020s!

We recommend the Jackalope Archery whisper string for all JLS bows. With this string your bow will embody the essence of Jackalope in its entirety: Excellent shot performance and incredible smoothness throughout the shot process. And of course, all JLS components come with a 30-year warranty, just like you have come to expect from Jackalope Archery.

New traditional ILF recurve bows by Jackalope Archery

With the 2019 Moonstone & Malachite ILF models, Jackalope extends its comprehensive product range by these two modern risers with traditional look.

With the new Moonstone and Malachite ILF risers of 2019, Jackalope extends its comprehensive product range by two modern ILF risers with traditional looks. Innovative dymond wood, which is a very durable compound of several layers of wood and epoxy, absorbes vibration optimally and therefore allows for shots without handshock. Furthermore, thanks to the ILF system, you can pick from any other of your favourite ILF limbs, so in this case you have the agony of choice.

Simple beauty or fresh green?

You like to keep it simple and want to shine with classical elegance at the parcours? Then the new Moonstone ILF Take Down is the right choice for you. Its 50 Shades of Grey make the dymond wood grain shine through in a fascinating way. Its eponym moonstone helps to get rid of emotional tensions, relieve yourself from fear and enhances your intuition and determination - it is the lucky stone of June.

Or maybe a bit more colour? Then get yourself the new Malachite riser, whose intensive tones of green are a carbon copy of the malachite gemstone as opposed to the model of last year with two colours. The 2019 malachite ILF riser namely shines in just one intense, fresh green this year. Due to this exciting look, it distinguishes itself noticably from other traditional bows and curious looks from fellow archers will certainly be a sure thing.

Limb diversity is the name of the game

The ILF system of the new risers lets you have the agony of choice when choosing your favourite limbs. Of course, Jackalope also offers fitting ILF limbs, which are made of black fiberglass as the laminate as well as a core of high-quality acorn- and makore wood and offer high stability, exceptional performance and a broad selection from bow lengths and draw weights. With the Jackalope limbs, you can shoot both models with a draw weight of up to 46 lbs and the new Jackalope Hunter limbs that just consist of acorn and fiberglass, with a draw weight of even up to 60 lbs. The standardized system, however, does of course allow for unlimited use of any other ILF limbs of different manufacturers - as said, you have the agony of choice!

The maximum draw lengths of Jackalope Archery bows

Bow length
Bow68 inch66 inch64 inch62 inch60 inch58 inch
Malachite----32 inch-
Moonstone----32 inch-
Obsidian32 inch31 inch30,5 inch29,5 inch-30 inch
Tourmaline32 inch31 inch30,5 inch29,5 inch-30 inch
Red Beryl32 inch31 inch30,5 inch29,5 inch-30 inch
Onyx32 inch31 inch30,5 inch29,5 inch-30 inch
Amber32 inch31 inch30,5 inch29,5 inch-30 inch
Bloodstone32 inch31 inch30,5 inch29,5 inch-30 inch
Flint--30,5 inch29,5 inch29,5 inch-
Crystal--30,5 inch29,5 inch29,5 inch-
Smoked Amber----32 inch-
Jade--32 inch---
Quartz-----32 inch
Diamond----32 inch-

Jackalope Onyx – breathtakingly beautiful precision in competitions

The Onyx by Jackalope Archery – an incredibly precise competition bow with absolutely no hand shock and exceptional arrow speed, new as a long- or hybrid bow and one piece recurve- or ILF recurve bow in draw weights of 30-50 lbs.

JACKALOPE Onyx - breathtakingly beautiful precision

With the Onyx, the Jackalope series now has a new, extraordinary member: A distinct competition bow with interesting contrasts and impressive characteristics. When developing the Onyx, optimal performance in competitions was the name of the game.

Its inimitable precision, shock-absorption and exceptional arrow speed is achieved by the combination of natural woods and high-tech materials like bamboo, palisander, carbon and teknowood, which also is very rich of contrasts optically.

The riser is made of naturally-grown hard palisander and shock-absorbing teknowood, which are then bordered by high-quality bamboo that goes all the way up to the tips. Furthermore, unilateral carbon and powerglass laminate allow for maximum performance and highest arrow speeds of up to 230fps. It goes without saying that the Onyx is suited for fast-flight strings. Visually, the black and white teknowood details (based on the wide range of colours of the chalcedon, a conspecies of the onyx) lend the bow a fresh appearance, while the decorative palisander grain remains its natural look.

The eponymous protection- and powerstone onyx is said to help build up emotional and physical strength. The onyx protects you from negativity and fear according to an ancient Japanese wise saying: "Fear does only go as deep as our spirit allows".

Since antiquity, the onyx is said to strengthen the intuition as well as the senses and who does not want one´s demeanor to be more focussed and confident in tournaments or on the parcours? Conventions assure that whoever believed in one´s onyx, achieved everything one wanted to achieve. There could not possibly be a better eponym for this breathtaking bow.

Whether you opt for an IFAA competition-compliant, 68" long- or 64" hybrid bow or maybe rather for the 62" one piece recurve bow between 30 and 50 lbs - the Onyx is convincing in every version. On top of that, it is also available as a 15-23" riser and thereby you can combine it with your favourite ILF limbs. Of course you also have access to the 30 years warranty for Jackalope products after registering your Onyx.

NEW: Zircon ILF Limbs – Now with carbon and Foam

JACKALOPE Archery shows how already impressive products can become evenbetter with three newly developed ILF limbs that really pack a punch.

Can you make a high-quality product even better? JACKALOPE ARCHERY certainly can! Consistent further development and the transfer of knowledge from the Bloodstone and Onyx bows now result in a new series of limbs for the JACKALOPE Zircon as well as the other ILFgrips from JACKALOPE as well as other manufacturers.

The "ILF" in the name of the limbs is short for International Limb Fitting System, which characterizes them as plug-in limbs and makes them universal. With the ILF system, the limbsare not screwed onto the riser, but are simply inserted into the mounts, which are standardizedand ensure that the limbs can be used with all ILF risers.

ILF Limb Zircon BAMBOO

Traditional and ILF? At JACKALOPE Archery, you can have both in one bow as most of the risers are also offered as an ILF model. While there were previously only matching limbs in black or matte black, now we also have limbs with a bamboo finish. These Bamboo limbs offer you the high quality of the well-known Zircon limbs. They are the perfect limbs for archery beginners. The high-quality bamboo provides good stability and excellent shot performance at the same time.

Due to the attractive wood finish, they now match the traditional wooden grips with ILF limb mounts from JACKALOPE Archery even more. Also, when combined with the sporty Zircon riser, the limbs make for a neat contrast of modern sports bows and traditional archery.

ILF Limb Zircon FOAM

You want to take your ILF bow to the next level? Have a look at our new Foam limbs. Lightweight materials and a high level of expertise in limb construction went into the development of a limb that has an improved draw curve while maintaining the same speed.

The "secret" is the foam core, which makes for a smoother draw and significantly higher stiffness. As a result, the new Foam limbs perform incredibly well when it comes to comfort.


Success requires precision and dedication. The Carbon/Foam limbs offer everything an ambitious shooter's heart could want: Lightweight Foam limbs are combined with carbon to create a stiff and fast limb.

Thanks to the combination of these materials, you get a lightweight limb, which makes your bow even more stable and consistent when shooting, also increasing the accuracy. This will give you a decisive edge in training and competitions.

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