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Hoyt: Quality and fascination in an ultra-modern piece of sports equipment

Since 1931, Hoyt has been pursuing its path without compromise - for this manufacturer, only quality, performance and reliability count. The fact that bowhunters and target shooters work behind the scenes at Hoyt and are committed to the best possible quality of their equipment also ensures consistent 200% precision and technology in Hoyt compound bows.

Get serious. Get Hoyt.

HOYT LINEUP 2020 - designed for victory!

With the start of the indoor season, the new Hoyt models are launched every year. This year, the new flagship Invicta in particular is a real feast for the eyes, full of innovative details.

Designed for victory - the new Hoyt Invicta

The brand new INVICTA is THE further development among competition compound bows. Featuring the longest and most stable riser platform, the fastest and quietest limb-cam combination, a brand new patent-pending modular grip system for customising grip angle and draw length, an adjustable cable deflector system, StealthShot and dual arrow rest mounts, the INVICTA is built to win.

DCX or SVX Cam

Equipped as a top-of-the-line model and available in 10 beautiful colours, such as the popular Championship Red now in a new matt finish, you have the choice between two sizes (37.5 or 40.25 inch ATA) and two different cam systems. The DCX and SVX Cam differ very clearly in their draw-off behaviour, especially in the wall: the SVX Cam with a fixed let-off of 65% and an extremely firm wall (but can still be adjusted for a slightly softer feel) takes the Invicta to breathtaking speeds of up to 30 metres per second, making it considerably faster than last year's SVX Cam bows. In contrast, the DCX Cam is the perfect combination of soft draw, firm wall and an increase in speed of up to 13 feet per second compared to last year's X3 bows. The new DCX Cam is also available with 65% or 75% let-off options and an integrated modular length adjustment system with removable rubber stop for an even harder wall.

The patented INVICTA Modular Grip System

The Invicta has an improved grip system for greater comfort, flexibility and accuracy. This is because the standard grip angle has been flattened for optimum grip pressure and now features an innovative, patent-pending modular grip system that comes as standard with every Invicta bow. This system allows for two different types of adjustments: Firstly, you can change the angle of the grip, choosing between a flattened angle of 0 degrees, +4 degrees for a medium wrist angle and +8 degrees for an even higher wrist angle. Additional grip modules are available for each grip angle, which can be used to shorten the draw length by another 1/8 inch.

INVICTA Adjustable Cable Guard Bar & Shoot-Thru-Design

To further reduce the groupings, the Invicta also has an adjustable cable deflector. Four angle settings neutralise the torque and at the same time guarantee the perfect arrow flight.

Hoyt's proven Shoot-Thru design noticeably increases torsional rigidity and results in a smoother release. Designed for optimum balance, the bow is easier to aim than conventional bows with an open shooting window. It is also equipped with two mounting holes for arrow rests. This makes it compatible with high-performance arrow rests that require a particularly strong connection to the riser.

The Hoyt Invicta - THE bow for ultimate accuracy, perfect results and even more podium places, where victory feels even better thanks to the new parallel limb design & StealthShot system with almost 50% less vibration and shot noise. Due to its enormous tuning possibilities from the innovative grip to adjustable cams and cable deflectors, the Invicta is already on everyone's lips as a guarantee of victory for top shooters!

The new HOYT FX Comp

This year, Hoyt has also paid special attention to up-and-coming talent and shooters with a shorter Draw length between 22 and 28.5": At 33 inches ATA, the new FX Comp is significantly more compact and also approx. 300g lighter than the Invicta. This means it can be manoeuvred around the course with a good 300fps, while you also benefit from its many target innovations! The new Modular Grip and Stealth Shot System are also installed here, as in the Invicta, and you have the choice between the SVX or DCX Cam.

Stealthshot Technology

The proven StealthShot system from HOYT has been upgraded with an innovative and top-secret material to suppress noise and vibrations more than ever before. In addition to quieter impact noise, the StealthShot also increases accuracy as the bow releases cleaner and sharper from the string, increasing the bow's margin for error.

Take a look at the new Hoyt models now - first ordered, first served!

High precision thanks to the latest technologies

Hoyt does not shy away from new paths and new developments - every sports bow from this manufacturer is a finely oiled, high-tech piece of sports equipment, in which the inventions and enhancements of the 21st century find their place and yet the principle of archery remains the same. Compound bows made from carbon fibre stand out from the rest of the industry for this type of bow - you haven't held anything like these bows in your hands before: The lightweight material is combined with a compact size and a long draw length.

Compound bows from Hoyt at

All compound bows from Hoyt Archery can be ordered according to your exact requirements: Depending on your height, experience and strength, pick the right size, the right draw weight and, of course, a colour that suits your taste. Of course, you can also order the Hoyt Compound bows in our range as a set with other important equipment for your archery experience and thus secure a price advantage: The Hoyt Compound bow Ignite, for example, is available in four different sets that include a corresponding arrow rest, a sight and other additional products according to your use of the compound bow. Another absolute novelty from Hoyt is the HOYT carbon bow in various versions and with all the extras you could wish for.

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