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SPIDERBOWS - the name stands for traditional bows that, thanks to consistent quality and workmanship at the highest level, are enjoying an ever-growing appeal in the world of archery. To live up to the high expectations, Spiderbows has decided to manufacture its own bows exclusively in Europe. The results are unique gems, which find perfection through a maximum of experience and craftsmanship.

The maximum draw length of the bows

Please note: All combinations of the take-down models can be used with a maximum load of 50 lbs.

The following table provides you with the maximum draw length values of the various bows from Spiderbows.

Bogen70 Zoll68 Zoll66 Zoll64 Zoll62 Zoll60 Zoll
Take-Down Recurve33 Zoll32 Zoll31 Zoll30 Zoll29 Zoll30 Zoll
Langbogen-32 Zoll----
Hybridbogen--31 Zoll--
One Piece Recurve---31 Zoll30 Zoll-
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