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Alongside the limbs and the centrepiece, the string is one of the components of a bow without which nothing works. If you don't need a special string, you can fall back on normal standard strings, which generally fit most bows. It is important to know the length of your bow and how many strings your bowstring should have. If you are just starting out in archery and need advice, contact us at any time. We are bow enthusiasts ourselves and can help you find the right standard string for your bow.

Standard strings vs. other bowstrings

Standard strings are designed so that you can easily fit them to most bows. Of course, there are also bow models that require special strings. If you are unsure, check the manufacturer's website for your bow, for example, or ask us - we know our range of strings and can tell you where you can find the right replacement string for your particular compound, long or recurve bow. Standard strings offer the advantage that you only have to worry about the number of strands, the material and the type of construction.

Important: Compound models not only work with strings, but also cables. So take a look at our category for strings and cables for compounds if you can't find anything suitable for your bow among the standard strings.

Will a standard string fit my bow?

In most cases, the simple answer is: Yes! Nevertheless, there are exceptions. If you don't know exactly whether your bow needs a special string that is precisely tailored to the model, then find out. Take a look at the enclosed instructions or the manufacturer's website, contact the brand - or us. We will be happy to help you identify the possible matching strings for your bow. You can also enter your bow model in the search function in our shop. If there are model-specific strings, you will find them there.

The properties

You can find out more about the design and materials of strings in the main category. As a reminder: Standard tendons are also divided into two types.

  • There are endless strings that are wrapped around two rods until the desired thickness is reached. The distance between the rods determines the length of the tendon.
  • With spliced sinews (also known as Flemish splice), several strands are braided together. Loops (loops), which are created by splicing, form the ends.

There are also two main categories of synthetic fibres.

  • Dacron puts less strain on the limbs due to its elasticity and is therefore particularly suitable for cheaper bows.
  • If you have a very high-quality bow, you can fully utilise the advantages of fast flight. Your arrow will fly straighter and faster.

Of course, you also need to find the right length of standard string for your bow. You can use the following rule of thumb as a guide:

The length of the string is four inches less than the bow length.

When you buy your replacement string from BogenSportWelt, you specify the bow length. Our shop will automatically match you with the correct string length. So you don't have to do a lot of maths. When you receive the bowstring you ordered, don't be surprised if it is shorter than your bow.

Another factor that can be confusing for beginners at first is the number of strands, which also differs for standard strings. On average, it ranges between 10 and 18, so choose one that matches the draw weight of your bow. If you are buying a replacement string for the first time and don't know exactly how many strands you should choose, take your old string and count the strands. This way you know that the number is correct. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you!

Remember: The thickness of the string also influences how big the nock of your arrows needs to be. If you change to a higher number of strands, for example, you may have to buy nocks with a larger distance between the gripping elements.

String wax is important because it seals the string, smoothes out small irregularities and minimises friction. As a result, it absorbs less moisture when it rains and your shots remain soft and consistent. Use a lint-free cloth for this.

There is no clear answer to this question. The material your string should be made of, the number of strands and the length it should have depends on your bow model, its length and its draw weight. It's best to ask the experts at a specialist retailer if you don't have much experience yet

No, the bowstring has no influence on the draw weight. That depends on the limbs.

The answer to this question varies depending on whether you shoot outdoors a lot or mostly indoors. Sun and weather will wear away the string wax faster than the protected indoor atmosphere. It is best to check before each session whether your string still has a noticeable layer of wax on it.

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