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What other products are available for archery?
In addition to the bow and the associated equipment, there are also many other ways to get involved with the sport and improve your skills. For example, there are a variety of books and DVDs dedicated to archery that provide a wealth of knowledge and tips for beginners and advanced archers. These resources can help to improve understanding of archery technique and avoid mistakes.
What options are there for trying out a bow and equipment?
We offer the BSW rental program so that you don't have to buy a whole set of equipment right away. It allows you to rent complete archery equipment and try out the sport without any major investment. But this is also a good option for advanced archers, e.g. to test new equipment.
Is there any literature and publications on archery?
There is a lot of literature on archery. Numerous authors have dealt with archery and written about the subject in novels and helpful specialist books with tips and tricks for archery. For the latest news from the world of archery, we recommend specialist magazines that feature interviews with well-known archers, product presentations and exciting technical tips.
Gibt es Merchandise- und Fanartikel für Bogensportliebhaber?
Wer sich nicht nur beim Bogenschießen mit dem Thema beschäftigen will, kann seine Liebe zum Bogensport perfekt mit Fanartikeln zum Ausdruck bringen. Von T-Shirts mit klassischen Motiven aus dem Bogensport bis hin zu Merchandise-Artikeln von Bogensportartikelherstellern wie Caps und Aufklebern ist alles dabei.
Are there vouchers at BSW?
Yes, you can buy vouchers from us. They are perfect as a gift for an archer for a birthday, Christmas etc. or to finance dreams. Our vouchers are another way to get friends or family members interested in archery.
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