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SPHERE Archery

Always have the fitting SPHERE in your quiver

Apart from the many possibilities to customize your arrow, SPHERE offers you to pick from an extensive product range with various models. Modern sports archers as well as traditional archers will both equally find their perfect arrow that way.

Do you shoot with a modern sports recurve bow? In that case it pays to take a look at the slim and light LitoSPHERE Black Custom. Not only the low price, but also the convincing characteristics like the straightness of 0.004" make this SPHERE custom arrow the first choice for sports archers.

The traditional archers among us on the other hand will opt for the robust SPHERE hunting arrows. Among other characteristics, these arrows distinguish themselves with a larger diameter. This way, the arrow gains higher stability, which is important on the 3D-parcours for example. In this case, you can take a closer look at the SPHERE Hunter-X-Custom.

SPHERE Archery - Always hit the gold

It does not matter, however, which exact type of SPHERE custom arrows you will have in your quiver in the end. All models of the brand SPHERE Archery are united by fair prices and high demand for quality, which the characteristics of the arrows will prove. We know that with the quality of SPHERE Archery and the experience of BSW, you have already made the right decision.

SPHERE - Arrows made to specification

You are bored by the somber standard arrows off the rack? You are searching for exciting new custom arrows that are custom-made for you? Then you have found the perfect combination with SPHERE Archery and BSW. The years-long experience of our arrow makers in combination with SPHERE gives birth to true masterpieces.

Let us make your arrow

The custom arrows by SPHERE give you numerous possibilities that will make your custom arrow a one of a kind-piece. Together with us, you can create your own personal arrow and convince yourself of the quality and design of the SPHERE Archery models.

No matter if you like small, fast vanes in conspicuous colours and shapes or fancy, traditional looking feathers. There are countless types of fletchings waiting for you to finally be discovered and tested. Additional windings as well as crestings and wraps also help customizing your arrow even further.

Of course we will also adjust the arrow length according to your specifications. There is no limit for your creativity. And thanks to the large selection of various SPHERE models, you as well will find and love your own personal arrow at our shop.

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