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Find answers to frequently asked questions about archery accessories.

A bow sling is an aid that is attached to the bow handle and is used to securely fix the bow to the archer's wrist. This prevents the bow from falling out of the archer's hand after firing. A finger sling is used to hold the bow securely and stably in the hand.

The bow press facilitates maintenance work on the bow, such as changing the string, adjusting the draw force or fitting accessories, without having to draw the bow manually.

Bow stands are a useful accessory as they hold the bow while, for example, the arrows are fetched, a short break is taken or training is finished.

There are different types of silencers that can be attached to the bow or string. A quieter shot can lead to improved shooting accuracy and a more focussed shot.

A nocking point is a small metal or plastic loop or clamp that is placed on the bowstring to hold the arrow in the correct position on the string. The nocking point marks the point on the string where the arrow nock is placed to ensure that the arrow is correctly aligned when it is shot.

To set the nocking point correctly, nocking point pliers, a nocking point opener, a spirit level or various string loops can be useful.

The string ruler, also known as a checker, is a popular tool for determining the correct distance between the string and the bow or for checking the correct position of the nocking point.

Tensioning cords are an important aid for tensioning the bow. The force distribution is extremely gentle on the material of the bow, which contributes to the longevity of the bow. This also prevents injuries.

A cable slider minimises wear on the cables of the compound bow or crossbow.

Of course, you can find various spare parts for your bow, such as a capstan screw, a bushing or spare parts for certain ILF mounts.

From belt bow hooks, additional weights, end protectors for bows, arrow counters, hexagon socket tools to bow holders, arrow cleaners, arrow pullers and much more, you'll find everything you need for your perfect archery experience in our shop!

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