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SERVICE: Mounting-. Adjustment-. and Nocking Point Service

Pre-assemble add-on parts
Adjustment service for compound bows
Set nocking point
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We provide the following types of service according to your specifications, if possible, on the bow you ordered. Please note the specifications for the purchased bow, for the adjustment service in particular. A refund of the service costs is excluded in case of revocation/exchange.

Setting the nocking point

The nocking point is a small brass ring that is attached to the string. It marks the correct position of the arrow on the string and helps to quickly find exactly this spot. The arrow is usually nocked below the nocking point. The nocking point itself is of course included in this service and does not have to be ordered separately.

Pre-assembly of mounting parts

We assemble all ordered attachments (sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, string loop, possibly nocking point) for you and prepare the bow in such a way that you are almost ready to shoot after receiving your product. The nocking point service (see above) is already included in this service.

Adjustment service for compound bows

We adjust your ordered compound bow to the specifications you specified. Please pay attention to the instructions of the bow you bought. For example, a bow purchased with 50-60lbs cannot be adjusted to 45lbs. It is similar with the draw length. On many models, a draw length change is only possible by swapping modules, which must be ordered separately and at additional cost. Again, please pay attention to the information in the bow description. For recurve and longbows there is no adjustment service.

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