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DRAKE Black Raven - 58 inches - 25-60 lbs - Take Down Recurve Bow

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Black Raven - 58" - 25-60 lbs - Take Down Recurve Bow

The new Black Raven is a little speciality! As a three-part recurve bow with a length of 58" it still looks quite classic. Its metal handle and the colouring in complete black are rather unusual. The Black Raven also refutes the prejudice that metal handles are heavy, because 675g for a metal handle and 1000g for the whole bow are more than good and anything but heavy. And as small as the handle of the Black Raven is, it has a visor, stabilizer and button socket as well as larger handle.

With possible draw weights between 25 and 60 lbs (in 5 lbs steps) and limbs made of strong maple wood and black fibreglass the bow is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced shooters.

Available as right or left-hand model.

Technical data:
Draw weight: 25-60 lbs
Bow length: 58"
Total weight: approx. 1000g
Length handle: 16,5"
Weight (handle): 675g
Weight (limbs): 315g
Material (handle): metal
Material (limbs): wood, fibreglass

Delivery include:
Bow with string

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