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TOPHAT Protector 3D - Glue-In Point

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TopHat Protector 3D - Glue-in

The TopHat® Protector is a one-piece precision tip that encases the first 1.5 mm of carbon shafts and protects them from breaking and splintering.

3D - Shape:
Specifically developed for 3D animals, this shape is characterized by a very high effectiveness. In comparison, the 3D tip shape penetrates the target more aggressively and in a straighter line. The tip is deflection resistant due to its shape, which leads to less stress on the shaft and therefore protects it. The shape prevents the arrow from bouncing off the surface of the target.

Stainless steel material:
Stainless steel material is corrosion resistant and also remains resistant to weather as well as other external influences in the long run. The solid material can be reground at any time.

TopHat® Protector cutting-edge technology:
By encasing the tip of the arrow, the carbon fabric is fully protected at its weakest point.
While it is still not wise to intentionally shoot at hard objects, tests have shown excellent survival rates for the carbon shafts.
The glue grooves on the shaft of the tip are intentionally kept shallow. This prevents excessive glue from being applied (improperly distributed glue can otherwise cause imbalance).
Concentricity of the tip: 0.006 µ

Roughen the carbon shaft slightly on the inside in advance and clean it with a solvent. Apply 1-2 drops of TopHat®Bond to the top of the shaft and glue the tip in with a twisting motion as far as it goes. After a short time, the Protector tip is securely and firmly bonded to the carbon shaft.

Simple drawing:
As it is the case with wooden shafts, the tip diameter is intentionally slightly larger than the carbon shaft, resulting in a widening of the point of entry and making it noticeably easier to extract the arrow.

The tip is fitted with one or more break-offs at its end, which can be snapped off to get the ideal tip weight. Special grooves for the break-off area ensure that the weight tolerances are extremely low when breaking parts off. The weight specifications of the available versions therefore refer to the possible weight of the tip by snapping off the break-offs.

Available versions (series):
BR designates the series of the tips. The following number (0/0.3/0.4/.../3) stands for the inner diameter of the tip, but not as a dimension, only as a designation. The possible addition (-1/+1/+2/...) indicates a reduced or increased outer diameter of the protection guard, i.e., the casing of the shaft in comparison to the standard tip (without addition).
Example: BR 0.5 is the standard tip, BR 0.5-1 the tip with a smaller diameter of the protection guard (for thinner shafts) and BR 0.5+1 the tip with a larger diameter of the protection guard (for thicker shafts).

Available versions:
BR 0 / 60-70-80gr
BR 0 / 90-100-110gr
BR 0.3 / 80-90-100-110gr
BR 0.4 / BR 0.5-1 / 60-70-80gr
BR 0.5 / 80-90-100-110gr
BR 0.6 / 80-90-100-110gr
BR 1 / 60-70-80gr
BR 1 / 90-100-110gr
BR 1 / 60-70-80-90-100-110gn
BR 1.5 / 60-70-80-90-100-110gr
BR 2.5 / 80-90gr

Picture number 2 will show you, which tip is suited for which shaft/arrow.

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