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TOPHAT Brass Bullet - Point

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TopHat Tip - Brass Bullet

No more gluing:
TopHat® is screwed onto the blunt shaft without adhesive. Thanks to the wedge thread, the tip cannot loosen up!

Self-centering of the tip:
When the blunt end of the shaft is screwed in, TopHat® centers itself through a conical area in the front part of the tip. This results in better flight characteristics and higher accuracy.

Longer shaft durability:
The wooden shaft is protected by the cylindrical sleeve where the most intense impact forces occur.

Easy removal from the target:
The diameter of the tip is slightly larger than that of the shaft, which makes the target material widen at the point of impact and thus noticeably simplifies the removal of the arrow.
To ensure that the transition of the tip to the shaft is barely noticeable, the diameter of the tip tapers slightly towards the back.

Available sizes:
 5/16  -    70gr
 5/16  -  100gr
 5/16  -  125gr
11/32 -    80gr
11/32 -  100gr
11/32 -  125gr

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