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!!TIP!! BEIER Grayling Fletching Tool

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BEIER Grayling - Fletching tool

With this fletching tool, you can easily fletch your new arrows or also repair damaged arrows. You can do that with 4 x 90° - 3 x 120° or also 3 x 120° with the index fletching facing downwards. The bracket as well as the adapter for fletching crossbow bolts are included in the box of course.

Right- or left-wing?
Many archers have this question. People often say that a right-handed archer should only use right-wing feathers, although this assumption was disproved by the company Beiter, which did a test with slow-motion cameras. There were no differences regarding the arrow flight.

What you should not do is use mixed feathers on the same arrow.

Left- or right-wing feathers make the arrow more stable when flying but they also decrease the velocity of the arrow after approximately 20 to 30 meters.

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