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Shaft | BSW Hemlock Fir Premium - Wood - Ø 5/16 inches

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Shaft | BSW Hemlock Fir Premium - Ø 5/16"

The wood species Hemlock Fir comes from North America and is a cross between the West American hemlock fir and the five "real" fir species: Californian spruce, giant fir, silver fir, purple fir and white fir.
This very robust wood with its exceptionally beautiful grain is one of the most beautiful, elegant and versatile softwoods. And certainly not for nothing one of the most popular wood in North America.

Because of its characteristics, it is also very suitable as arrow shaft material:
- insensitive to moisture
- very fine-grained grain
- the straight course of the grain
- low in resin
- light and
- still very stable.

Each shaft is unique
Since wood is a natural product, each shaft is unique. Apart from the standard turned diameter, the Shafts differ in their appearance and characteristics.
The grain or appearance (annual rings, flames) is various for each shaft. Also, the spin value is always individual and cannot be determined exactly, therefore the shafts are only sorted into categories with a spin width of 5 lbs. In order to have as even shafts as possible, all shafts are handspined, checked for cracks, reflex tested and aligned.

Premium quality
Premium quality wood shafts have special qualities that influence their stability, durability and, of course, the flight characteristics of the later arrow. They are specially selected and have a significantly less "restlessness" in the grain on the outside. The annual rings run more evenly over a longer distance, the escaping flames are rarer.

"Extra spine shafts" and "Weighing out shafts".
With the two services "Weigh out shafts" and "Extra spine shafts", you can reduce the differences in characteristics between the shafts.
- In the "Weigh out shafts" service, you can define the tolerance range of the weight deviation within the ordered quantity of shafts and minimize it to up to 5 grains.
- The "Extra spine shafts" service also gives you the option of defining the tolerance range for the spine and limiting it to a maximum of 1 lb.

Technical data:
Shaft diameter: 5/16"
Length: 24-31.5" (selectable)

Important notice:
If you opt for the extra service "Weigh out shaft" and/or "Extra Spines", please note that the shafts can only be shortened and varnished after weighing/spinning. As wood is a natural product, there may be variations after shortening due to the uneven nature of the wood.

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