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SPOT-HOGG Infinity - Arrow Rest

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SPOT-HOGG Infinity - Arrow rest

The Spot-Hogg Infinity Arrow rest is in a class of its own. It doesn't have to be tightened after the side and height settings have been made to prevent the settings from being changed but is fixed in place by the adjusting screws themselves. This makes the support even easier to operate and extremely precise in the settings.

Furthermore, it offers everything you are used to from Spot-Hogg arrow rests: an adjustable feather clamping, a support finger with unlimited angle adjustment and M.A.S. technology. This makes the Spott-Hogg Infinity Arrow Rest an excellent and recommendable choice for every shooter. Features: - Feather-mounted support finger - feather clamping adjustable - the adjustable angle of support finger - micro-side and height adjustment - incl. 0.008" and 0.010" feather steel support blades and mounting hardware - M.A.S. Technology M.
A.S. - Maximum Arrow Support: In order to get the most out of your bow and equipment and to be able to shoot especially longer distances, you need an arrow rest that supports the arrow at least 66-75% of the arrow length and does not release it too early.

The longer the arrow is supported, the more forgiving your bow will be. All Spot-Hogg arrow rests with feather-mounted support fingers guide the arrow to 100% of the arrow length.

The Spot-Hogg Fall-Away rests guide the arrow to 75%.
Available as a right or left-hand version.

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