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[SPECIAL] SET BSW Black LARP - 62-70 inches - 14-40 lbs - Recurve Bow

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[SPECIAL] BSW Black LARP - 62-70"- 14-40 lbs - Recurve bow

Fancy and excitingly different! - This is probably what describes the new BSW Black Larp Recurve Bow best. Where else would you find a completely black take-down bow?

The elegant outside of the BSW Black Larp, however, there is more to come: Its performance and the way it acts during shots will fulfill even the expectations of the most demanding archers and also convince them. The bow just simply is very ergonomic and due to its low weight and the available draw weights of 14 to 40 pounds, it is not only ideal for beginners but also an interesting alternative for experienced archers due to its versatility. And so that nearly every archer finds the correct bow length, the Black Larp is available in 62, 64, 66, 68 or 70 inches.

For archers, who want to equip their bow with additional accessories, the Black Larp has of course cutouts for the sight, stabiliser and the plunger button. Another specialty is that the bow has the new and special Tuning System, which allows to adjust the horizontal alignment of the limbs by simply adjusting the limp pockets (see picture above).

[SPECIAL] BSW Black Larp - Recurve bow - incl. accessory set

With this extensive set you can start archery right away, since everything that you need is included in the box:

- 3-parted recurve bow Black Larp incl. string
- incl. armguard to your choice
- incl. black shooting glove
- incl. black side quiver (black back quiver optionally available at a premium)
- incl. arrow rest
- incl. instructions for archery with recurve bows

Only available as right-handed model.

Bow length: 62-70"
Draw weight: 14-40 lbs
Length riser: 21 or 25"
Weight riser (21"): approx. 630g
Weight riser (25"): approx. 790g

Delivery contents:
Bow with string
Arrow rest
Shooting glove

Our recommendation regarding the bow length:

Body size

less than 120 cm

120-135 cm

135 - 150 cm

150-160 cm

161 - 167 cm

168 - 175 cm

from 176 cm

Recommended bow length








Basic principle:
It is better to choose a somewhat longer bow, since it is more forgiving regarding mistakes in the technique.

Our recommendation for the draw weight:

Draw weight for men:

14-20 lbs. for youths up to 12 years
20-28 lbs. for men that rarely do sports
28-32 lbs. for sporty men
32-40 lbs. for active sportsmen

Draw weight for women:
10-16 lbs. for youths up to 12 years
16-24 lbs. for women that rarely do sports
24-28 lbs. for sporty women
28-34 lbs. for active sportswomen  Girls should pick two lbs less than boys.
Sporty, strong children should pick 2-4 lbs more than weaker children

In general:
Girls should pick two lbs less than boys.
Sporty, strong children should pick 2-4 lbs more than weaker children

Instructions for archery with recurve bows:

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