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Limbs | CARTEL Fantom Fiber - ILF - 66-70 inches - 18-40 lbs

Length with 25 inches riser
Draw weight
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CARTEL Fantom Fiber - Limbs

The new Fantom Fiber limbs have been completely revised. The fiberglass laminate in combination with the maple wood core provides high flexibility, consistent performance and long life.
The limbs are designed with the "International Limb Fitting" (ILF) system and convince not only by their quality but also with their low price.

The limbs are ideal for use with a CARTEL Fantom riser, but are also suitable for any other riser with an ILF mount.

Suitable for beginners and advanced archers.

Available variations:
- Bow length: 66, 68 or 70"
- Draw weight: 18-40 lbs

Delivery contents: 1 pair

The indicated bow lengths of 66, 68 and 70 inches refer to the use of a 25" riser. When using a 23" riser, the bow length is reduced by 2 inches accordingly.

  • Limbs Material: Wood
  • Screw on or ILF Limbs: ILF Limbs
  • Item weight: 0,01 kg
Notes on draw weight & bow length

Limb labelling
The limbs of a bow are always labelled with an inscription that not only indicates the draw weight of the limbs, but also the length of the riser or the bow length to which the draw weight refers. This labelling can look like this, for example:

25 lbs @ 19 inches or
19H 25 lbs 62 inches or
25 lbs @ 62 inches or also
62 inches / 25 lbs

If no length of the riser is specified, a 25 inch riser is usually the basis for the draw weight specification. In the case of special bows where the limbs are only suitable for the respective riser, the draw weight is of course based on the corresponding riser.

Many limbs are also available in three different lengths - usually called short, medium and long - with which the bow lengths 66, 68 and 70 inches can be achieved despite the same riser.

Converting the draw weight and bow length
Many limbs have universal mounting options that allow them to be used at least on different risers from one manufacturer or even across manufacturers. However, it is important to note that the use of a shorter or longer riser will result in a change in bow length and draw weight.

As a rule of thumb, you can remember the following:

-2 inch riser length = -2 inch bow length & +2 lbs draw weight
+2 inch riser length = +2 inch bow length & -2 lbs draw weight

I.e.: If the riser is 2 inches shorter than the length to which the draw weight specification on the limbs refers, the bow is 2 inches shorter and the specified draw weight increases by 2 lbs.

Example table for limbs with the draw weight specification for a 25 inch riser (e.g. 20 lbs @ 25 inches) and a bow length of 68 inches. The table is incomplete and can be continued as required depending on the centre section length.

Notes on delivery time

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However, our shop system cannot display the stock levels of wholesalers and suppliers. Even the wholesaler cannot always have every variation in stock. It may therefore be the case that the item has to be ordered directly from the manufacturer (Asia, America). In this case, the delivery time can be extended to up to 12 weeks. In special cases, the item will be made for you and may have an even longer waiting time.

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