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Laminate - BEARPAW Power Carbon Core 0.5x45 mm - per cm - Length freely selectable

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Power Carbon Core laminate - length freely selectable (in cm)

1. carbon structure
Bearpaw's special Power Carbon has a unique structure. The carbon structure is applied to a glass roving with a thickness of only 5/100 mm to give the carbon special durability. The entire carbon strip is only 0.5 mm thick. This is a carbon composite material which has extraordinary characteristics because of this structure and is much more resistant than pure carbon laminate.

2. performance increase
By means of the carbon, the limb of the bow is reinforced and the bending behaviour is influenced sustainably. As a result, the core material of the limb can be minimized, which results in a significant reduction in thinning and weight in the area of the working limb. Higher performance and arrow speed are the result of this optimized use of material. Bearpaw assumes a performance increase of more than 10%.

3. increase in precision
Bearpaw Power Carbon stiffens the limb and minimizes twisting (torsion). The clearly more precise working throwing arm throws more precisely and absorbs fewer mistakes. This, of course, allows for higher results and successes. Here we also find the actual core advantage when using carbon laminates in bow making.

4. bending and trajectory behaviour
Limbs with carbon laminates have their own bending and trajectory characteristics. Arrow speed, noise development and launch behaviour are to be described as special. The difference is clearly noticeable.

Technical data:
Width: 45mm
thickness: 0,5mm
Length: freely selectable

Please note: If you would like to order several pieces of laminate, or if you would like the total quantity of laminate ordered to be delivered in various lengths, please include this note at the end of the order under notes.

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