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DRAKE Gecko RTS - 30-55 lbs - Compound Bow

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DRAKE Gecko RTS - 30-55 lbs - Compound bow

The perfect compound bow for youths and adults: The new DRAKE Gecko! Due to its compact and - the green version in particular - conspicuous design, it is a true eye-catcher.
The bow is not only visually appealing, however, as its specifications are also quite impressive. With a length of only 29 inches (approx. 74cm) and a weight of approx. 1.3 kg, it is very handy on one hand and can be individually adapted to the requirements of the shooter through the adjustable draw weight on the other. A bow press is not required, as all the adjustments are done by screws. On top of that the Gecko has a 5/16" x 24 UNF bushing for stabilizers and an arrow rest for attaching accessories each.

The bow´s let-off varies depending on the set draw length. At full draw, the Gecko offers the greatest possible let-off (~70%), which drops slightly as the draw length gets shorter. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any more detailed information regarding this aspect.

The Gecko RTS is shipped with numerous accessories. It comes with a sight with 3 fiberglass pins, a whisker biscuit arrow rest, a string stopper, a peep sight, a D-loop and a pliers release.

Only available as a right-handed model.

Bow length: approx. 29 inches (approx. 74 cm)
Draw weight: 30-55 lbs
Draw length: 19-29 inches
Weight: 1.55 kg

Limbs: fiberglass
Riser: Aluminum

Recommended arrows: 30 inches- aluminum or carbon

Color: black, green or camo

Delivery contents:
- 1x bow
- 2 aluminum arrows
- 1x whisker-biscuit arrow rest
- 1x sight with 3 illuminated pins
- 1x peep sight
- 1x string loop
- 1x release
- 1x string wax

  • Item weight: 3,20 kg
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