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BEARPAW Fletching Tool Deluxe II

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BEARPAW Fletching tool Deluxe II

- German design
- German functionality
- German quality

Our Deluxe fletching tool is an improved model and also has a couple of new functions. Thanks to the accessory parts, the tool can now be turned into a Multi Fletcher, making this fletching tool a good choice for individual use in spare-time, in clubs and in stores.

- Setting the arrow position is very easy and comfortable
- The tolerances are minimal and meet German standards
- There is a simple switch on top of the device that changes the amount of feathers that are used on the arrow (3,4 and 6 feathers)
- The tool is made of a high-quality combination of metal and plastic 
- The fletching tool can be extended to a 3-times fletching tool (Multi Fletcher) with the baseplate that is available at our shop)
- The baseplates can be connected with each other in order to extend the Bearpaw Fletching System infinitely in steps of 3 (Multi Fletcher with 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on)
- Left-wing and right-wing clamps are also available
- The arrow centers itself automatically. From the thinnest X10 shaft up to a 27-aluminium arrow: The arrow is always positioned centrically
- The nock holder fits to all customary nocks
- The twisted clamps wind around the arrow
- Extremely precise fletching for diameters ranging from Nano and ACE up to 23/64 and 27-shafts
- Bearpaw Products sets a new milestone when it comes to price and quality with this fletching tool

Right-wing or left-wing?

Many archers have this question. People often say that a right-handed archer should only use right-wing feathers, although this assumption was disproved by the company Beiter, which did a test with slow-motion cameras. There were no differences regarding the arrow flight.

What you should not do is use mixed feathers on the same arrow.

Left- or right-wing feathers make the arrow more stable when flying but they also decrease the velocity of the arrow after approximately 20 to 30 meters.

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